That Happens

That Happens

I dedicate this strip to my dad, Greg Schmitt.

Did I mention that you can get more than one comic dedication?  I’m sure it’s in the official rules.

Growing up my sisters and I always wanted a dog.  We’d practice taking a basketball for a walk to prove we were ready and responsible. I think at one point we got pretty close with a free pooch but someone else beat us to it!

We did get goldfish. Not as much fun to take on a walk as a dog… or a basketball.

What a weird pet!  Our set up was a simple bowl with the blue rocks on the bottom and we’d have to take the fish out every so often to change the water (no filter). The funniest thing was watching the fish in the middle a bowel movement. I thought it would be funny to portray that in this strip.

Now my dad really is a great humorist.  He knows how to tell a story and can deliver a great punch line… from time to time. Very fittingly, he also tells a lot of “dad jokes”.

I’ve shown Dad a lot of these strips and quite often I have to explain the joke.  This strip is a perfect example.  Just when you think something is clear as can be, someone doesn’t get it.  A comedian’s response might be “well, this wasn’t meant for you!” but I’m dedicating to him.  I aspire to be as funny as him someday.

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