Taste Buds
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Taste Buds

This comic strip dedicated to my beautiful wife, the love of my life, Tracy Lyn. Principessa, I love you!

So where do I begin?

Every story begins with a blank piece of paper.  What an intimidating object! That piece of paper is already perfect.  And there’s a saying the enemy of “done” is perfection. So while Big Sea Tales isn’t perfect, it isn’t a blank piece of paper either.  I’m getting it done.

That’s been a long process of discovery for me.  Finding the characters.  Finding the right look and “feel” for them.  The right words.  Even the right shape for the word balloons.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I must have drawn Sharky and Draggy hundreds of times before I was happy with them.

Early Sketches

Early Sketches of Sharky – Getting closer!


Getting the right head for Draggy


And I must have dozens of versions of the first strip before I finally called it finished.

Early version of Episode One


Inking with brush another early version of Episode One


So I’d like to encourage you.  If you have a story in you that you’d like to share with the world, take the first step today.  Even a baby step. Put your mark on that blank piece of paper!  You can get it done.

I’d like to dedicate each episode of Big Sea Tales to someone I know and has made a difference in my life.  The dedications aren’t necessarily in any order but sometimes a particular comic reminds me of that person.  If you don’t see a strip dedicated to you right away, hold steady… one is on the way. Keep reading every day!! (Haha!) I dedicate this one to my very patient wife. “How many times are you going to remake that?” She shouldn’t have to be patient for a dedication!


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