Something Fishy

Something Fishy

This comic is dedicated to Tracy Lyn, my beautiful, *Disney-lovin’ wife.

So how do I think up the cartoons?  Usually I sit down with one of my little Field Notes Brand notebooks and start fishing for funny ideas. I say to myself, Okay, in the next 10 minutes, I’m going to think up five funnies. 

To me the process is a lot like fishing.  I get that exact same feeling I get while casting a line and waiting. I really open myself up to get the ideas – I love that feeling.  Then the nibbles start coming.

Not every nibble is a bite and not every fish is a keeper.

As the ideas come in, I doodle them down on my notepad. This is an important step because, like in fishing, ideas are as slippery as fish, you need to get them in a net to keep them.  Again, I love that saying:

Here’s the little doodle for today’s comic:

Episode 16 Doodle

*Hey! There a couple of special guests in today’s comic. The question is, can you find them? Technically, they are characters from Pixar. But Disney owns just about everything now. Disney, give me a call 😉

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