Smile Pretty

Smile Pretty

I dedicate this strip to Erik. 

Way back in the day my friend Erik convinced me to take scuba lessons with him. I still have the $50 voucher from the Scuba shop on Bellevue Street for my down payment on lessons I never ended up taking.  Someday.  (And I know I’m going to hear from Erik as soon as he reads this).

But one phrase that stuck from me from this scuba phase was “Take only pictures, leave only bubbles”.

At one point this was going to be the “Genesis” — the first comic. Below is an early piece of conceptual art.

Before Sharky got his big dorsal fin


From here I tried a proto-strip:

Crank up the brightness on your screen to really see the first panel


From here I started a story “bible”. One book where I would compile all my ideas and work out the main storyline of the comic. But that initial storyline got really complicated. And that overall style was way too complicated.  I rebooted and simplified everything.  I still liked the strip’s gag so I kept and reworked it a bit into the 12th comic.

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