More at Home

More at Home

This comic strip is dedicated to Martin Jury.

So ends the six-part story arc that gave a nice intro to our main characters.  I was debating starting the whole strip with this series but I really wanted to establish the relationship between Sharky and Draggy right at the beginning. The first 12 strips were all hand pencilled on bristol board (not literally a board – just really thick paper) and then inked with a sable brush.  I’d wake up at 5 am and get a good hour of cartooning in.  Not a burden at all!  Really!

After making the first nine strips, I really enjoyed making #10.  I was in the zone. And I was feeling “more at home” with the cartooning progress. But the creation process with my analog tools took way too long!  I toyed with the idea of going digital.

I did a lot of research and demoed with the Adobe Draw app and using the Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro.  I was sold!  I mean I couldn’t afford to buy it but I knew I needed to!

There’s a financing option on, so that you can buy an Apple product for no money down, with no finance charges for 12 months.  It went against my better judgement to go with financing but I bought it, thinking I’d pay it off in the new year with our tax refund.  I got the iPad Pro… It was wonderful.  It was perfect but I really didn’t get into using it until I paid it off!  Ha!  It just didn’t feel right!

Original analog strip (forgot to draw the first panel)


After I gave myself permission to play with my new toys, I started redrawing the first 12 strips on the iPad Pro.  It took a while to get used to the Pencil.  Again at strip #10 I was feeling way “more at home” with my new digital brush.  I was making strips three times as fast as I had been before switching to digital.

I dedicate this strip to Marty partly because I know how much he’ll think about the meaning behind it.  He tends to look at the world differently, a lot like Goldie.


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