Goldie Meets Starbuck

Goldie Meets Starbuck

I dedicate this comic to David F. Starr.

Right out of college the first “real” job I had was in L.A.  It was quite the commute from Green Bay… about 30 minutes.  L.A. stands for Lower Algoma (that’s my Dad’s joke).

The job was at WS Packaging. I started in the art department with another new recruit, David Starr.  At the time, WS Packaging was the second largest flexographic pressure adhesive label manufacturer in the world. They make labels… DON’T CALL THEM STICKERS!  They are very sensitive about that. David and I formed the Night Owls.  In other words we were the late crew at WS Packaging or as the locals in L.A. still called it, Algoma Label.

David F Starr

David was a character.  He wore a suit and tie his first day on the job and then a tee shirt and pair of jeans that looked like they had been through the shredder the next. David also has a lot of character — he’s a good man and is the most talented painter I personally know. Just watch his process with the painting below:

David now lives in California. I’m hoping we bump into each other again some day.  It’s not every day you meet a Starr.

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