A Tale of Two Jellies

A Tale of Two Jellies

I dedicate this comic to my daughter, Teresa.

Such an elegant creature and yet she packs a sting!  Teresa has always had a lot of spark and a fair amount if sass.  When we were weening her from her pacifier, she had a terrible fit, climbed out of her crib and broke her arm.  She showed us.

I really like how this comic turned out.  A nice formal introduction to two characters, the first environmental message of the strip, and a foreshadowing of Goldie’s future home.  It’s a tragic scene that plays off the beauty and magic of the sea in the next strip. And the title is a nod to Charles Dickens… it was the best of times!

Early Draft of Comic

Above is an early draft of this comic.  The pencils are in non-photo blue and inked over with Super Black India Ink. In the old days copy machines would not pick up the blue marks and the copies would only show the black inkings. You didn’t have to erase the pencil marks! In modern times you can scan in the drawing and eliminate the blues in photoshop with just a couple of clicks. I enjoy making comics this old-fashioned way but these days, I have a need for speed and use an iPad Pro, Abode Draw, and an Apple Pencil almost exclusively now.

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